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Our research team at the interface between research and production thrives to develop, integrate and validate new techniques for the production of blood product, with the goal of better product quality, and process efficiency
New materials
We currently develop with industrial partners new bag and filter systems for the treatment of whole-blood derived plasma (recovery plasma) for the preparation of plasma compatible with pathogen inactivation techniques. More information will be posted as public information can be released.
Intercept pathogen inactivation in platelet concentrates
Lausanne has been one of the pilot centers in Switzerland together with Zurich and Basel to early adopt the Intercept process for pathogen inactivation in platelet concentrates in Switzerland.
Intercept pathogen inactivation in plasma units
The Intercept process for pathogen inactivation in plasma units will be implemented in the second half of 2013.
Work related to leukodepletion filters evaluation
In the course of our work, we have found convenient to use LRS chambers from platelet apheresis on Trimas to prepare leukocyte suspensions in order to contaminate plasma units at known leukocyte concentrations. We provide our protocol as is.
Protocol for the preparation of leukocyte suspensions from Trima LRS chambers (fichier IT - RE - Préparation de leucocytes à partir d'une chambre LRS-Trima_V01)
Additionally, we have validated a classical preconcentration technique for the enumeration of leukocytes at low concentration.
Protocol for the pre-concentration of leukocytes before enumeration by flow cytometry (fichier IT - RE - Technique de concentration 30x des leucocytes dans le plasma_V01)

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